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Clock Cameras

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A hidden clock cameras can be your eyes when you aren?t around. Being able to see what happens when you are not around can be the peace of mind you need ? or the hard evidence you need to change your child care situation.

No one wants to think that their children are being neglected or even abused in their absence, but it happens? a LOT. Consider a clock camera with built-in dvr as an appropriate option to protect your children.

You should do no less than do a thorough background check on your nanny or babysitter AND install a clock camera to be able to SEE how your children are treated and how your child care provider behaves when they don?t think they aren?t being watched by you.

the wall clock camera model has major operational advantages over most other hidden cam models.

1. It goes on a wall.There are 4 walls in every room so... You can place it anywhere, facing any direction.You don't have to worry about where the furniture is. Other hidden cams such as desk clock,teddy bear or VCR models need special placement to look natural.Furniture or other obstacles that block the views of other cameras are no problem with the wall clock camera. You can choose your angle without raising suspicion.

2. No one will move it accidentally. It will always be in focus and pointed at the target This is what i called "assured operation capability."

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