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Keychain Cameras

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A keychain camera is a very small and inexpensive digital camera. Keychain cameras typically have a plastic lens, flip-up viewfinder and, as the name implies, a keyring. Due to their low cost, they are frequently used as promotional giveaways, sometimes imprinted with the name of a company or product. In the 20th century, the same term was used to refer to 110 film cameras of similar specification, in which often the 110 film cartridge formed part of the camera body.

Keychain Cameras - Spy keychain Camera On your Key chain. This keychain camera is small and discrete. Just push the button and your are recording video and audio. Easily connected to a USB port on your computer and does not require any special players or software. Just connect to any computer and go. The high Resolution video and pictures can be seen on your computer and the video plays on many popular media players like windows media player and VLC. You can take videos at (640 x 480) or still pictures at (1280 x 960). Private investigators will really enjoy the portability of this device. Our keychain spy camera makes all other chip and body worn cameras obsolete. Just hold your keys in your hand and point. The cameras wide angle view will make it easy to capture your subject.

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