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Micro Wireless Cameras

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Wireless cameras, once not as effective as CCTV cameras as a security camera, are back and easy to use. There is really no need anymore to drill holes into the walls to place all the wiring of surveillance cameras because wireless cameras come in all types and can zoom in and out as needed. There are also infrared, motion detection and low light capabilities you may need for certain areas you would like to have monitored. They can provide both security and surveillance.

Micro wireless cameras and hidden wireless cameras. Mini spy hidden wireless cameras can be used in a variety of hidden and covert applications. You can use a wireless camera as a nanny camera or surveillance / security camera. The wireless video runs at real time, there is no delay and you can record the video right to your own vcr. Setting up the wireless cameras is easy just provide power to the camera transmitter either battery or plug in. Then hook the receiver up to your TV and VCR

Wireless spy cameras work by sending a video and audio signal between the camera and a receiver. The receiver can then be connected to a TV or video recording device. although the range is limited by legal restrictions they can still be a verey effective covert camera surveillance system. All the camera systems we sell come complete with receiver that can be plugged into a TV or recorder through the AV sockets or through a SCART Socket.

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Wireless cameras have been around for quite a number of years now in various forms. They are commonly found as CCTV units in built-up areas where connecting a video feed from the camera to a viewing/recording area would prove difficult. However, as covert wireless camera units they offer a versatile video evidence gathering solution that is fairly easy to deploy and operate

Transmitting hidden cameras do have their limitations, not only because the transmission distance is relatively short, but also because other commonly used devices often share the same frequency band that 2.4GHz cameras occupy. The most obvious of these are some WiFi networks, which on some of the Wireless Camera channels will cause interference if switched on in close proximity. Despite the limitations, transmitting hidden cameras can still provide an affordable fuss-free solution to gathering video and audio evidence in the office or the home

Our bespoke range of wireless spy cameras use advanced motion detection and power saving technology. These bespoke cameras are built into everyday home and office objects. The camera start up can be triggered by door trips, pressure mats or discreet PIR?s that remotely activate camera and recorder. Intelligent power saving options with lithium battery back-up turn these wireless camera systems into long-term deployment applications