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Bug Detector,

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Multi-function Spy Camera Spy Bug,Phone Detector with Alarm Clock

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CX007+Multifunctional Detector

Cx007+applies the American new technology, which is more sensitive than the first generation, and it can detect further, moreover, it avoids the shortage of the first generation which fails to detect 1.2G and 2.4G, the positive laser scanning and the passive wireless sweep are combined and applied, which can find out precisely the cavesdropping device, the cavesdroping telephone, the digital eavesdropping , the tracker, the eavesdropping in vehicles, the wireless pinhole pickup camera, the wired camera, the electrical radiation source, etc. therefore, it will be effective to prevent the eavesdropping, the surreptitious photograph,the embezzlement, and protect the private document and information secret.

Function as follows:
1. automatic detection, the host carry, when living in the environment eavesdropping devices, pinhole cameras, casino gambling fraud. Host will automatically vibrates your body is dangerous.
2. Signal strength indicator with means to quickly find the signal at source.
3. Adjustable sensitivity adjustment potentiometer(widening the scope to improve the sensitivity of lower sensitivity to detect reduced detection range) quickly identify the radio sources,
4. Detection mode: 1)laser detection, 2)Vibration detection,3)beep detection,4)led display detection,5)headset
5. Low voltage prompts, built-in rechargeable battery. Laser detection: windows can be seen through the eyes of all hosts within sight of the camera opposite the lens. Wireless sweep: frequency detection range(1-6.5MGHZ)

Product Description
What you are viewing is a Multi-function Spy Camera Spy Bug & Phone Detector with Alarm Clock which is convenient to install. This product is environmental economy, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant and it is new and owns high quality. Besides it owns super environmental suitability and stability. It is easy to carry and has auto-detection function.

Beside it can find the signal source rapidly with the signal strength indicator lights. Besides the potentiometer sensitivity is adjustable and since greater sensitivity can widen the scope or reduce the sensitivity reduced detection range, in this way the detector can identify the wave source quickly.

More detail information are at Jammerall, there you can know the all specifications. Then you will find this is a high quality product. Come and contact us, you will gain it at the best price and just go ahead.

Low-voltage prompts, built-in rechargeable battery Laser Detection     
Windows host can be seen through the eyes of all within sight of the camera facing the camera
Detection mode:Laser detection, vibration (mute) detection, beep detection,LED display detection, headset
Wireless sweep:Frequency detection range (1MHz - 65GHz)
Rsedio detection of camera range:5cm - l0m (according to the camera decided to transmit power distance)
Power in the 5Omv-200mv detection range 30-50cm
Power in the 300mv-600mv detection range 10O-200cm
Power in the 80mv-1200mv detection range 300-800cm
Power built-in lithium polymer battery 450mAH
Current consumption:8mA
Probe laser wavelength of:920nm
Receive frequency range:1MHz-6500MHz

Multi-function Spy Camera Spy Bug & Phone Detector
USB Cable

1. Open the power switch ,power indicator light(blue light)
2. Click the laser switch, instrument back 6 led light starts blinking.
3. Vertical and horizontal movement of the apparatus, scanning the surrounding environment, the eyes observed by the host window. Such as in front of the camera lens, you will find a strong bright spot in the flash.
4. If the continuous press and hold the switch, led flashes every 2 seconds faster frequency of a level then the first four panel status light will flash about. A total of eight options, preferences can be adapted to all types of people.
5. Then the switch to turn off the laser scanning
B: detection of radio waves (wireless camera/listening devices, etc.)

Sound detection:
1. turn the power switch to the middle position, the power indicator light(blue light)
2. move around if the flashing red light, a voice prompt that there are emission source. signal became stronger, the four led light at the same time, the sound will become big changes fast
3. pull out the antenna, adjust potentiometer to maximum, can expand your search.
4. Gradually shorten the antenna, the reverse adjustment potentiometer in order to reduce the detection range, can eventually find the emission source.
5. Insert the headset can be used

Silent detection(vibration detection)
1. the power switch is pushed to the top of the power indicator light (blue light)
2. a signal, only the flashing lights and vibration
3. Other operation with sound detection.

C: Clock
The instrument and increase the functionality is very important for professionals.

 For people
1. frequent use of bank cards populations
2. To the hotel for the family trip home crowd
3. Easily photographed the beautiful woman
4. Consumption of those who frequented places of public entertainment
5. Frequented by a variety of shopping malls try people
6. Respect their privacy of persons with others
7. Contacts, trade secrets are kept
8. Trade secrets secret places of security personal and technology
9. Anti-candid professional, anti-eavesdropping person

1. detect whether your car of office wireless eavesdropping devices to be installed wireless listening devices
2. Detect whether the phone was tapped or abnormal(standby transmit signals from outside for no reason)
3. Detect whether your vehicle is installed eavesdropping device GPS tracking, GPS location tracking devices
4. Detect whether your working environment and residential buildings have rooftop base station radiation
5. Sent SMS signal detection, mobile internet signal , mobile switch and call signals
6. Detect wireless network signal, cell phone base station signals, wireless surveillance system filed
7. Detection appliances such as microwave ovens leak hazardous to your health if the electromagnetic radiation
8. Detect whether there are in the environment known as the “kill phone” strong radiation
9. Detection are in the environment for suspicious radio signal
10. Detect more subtle 5.8Ghz wireless camera videotaping, wireless eavesdropping, wireless monitor signal
11. Check the hotel ,toilets, hotels, entertainment venues, changing anti-wireless pinhole camera
12. Business negotiations, the school examiners sites, factories, military facilities of government agencies RF signal eavesdropping
13. Withdrawal in ATM machines, movie theaters ,concerts, art galleries or museums and other anti-wireless candid-camera
14. Buy houses, first detecting whether or not the electromagnetic radiation hazards to human health

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