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Pen Cameras

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Grid  List wholesale and drop ship pen camera - spy pen camera - pen cameras - pen dvr - spy pen video camera - pen camera recorder - spy pen direct from China, we offers lowest price pen cameras,all spy pen cameras are checked one by one before shipping to you to ensure you receive the correct pen camera,we are China professional wholesale and dropship supplier

Since 2007 spy pen camera comes avaiable with new technology,the normal boll pen built in DVR recorder inside,the camera with CMOS technology,CMOS could be make the camera with small size,with similar qaulity of CCD camera,the pen cameras has four generation as below:

1,in 2007 the pen camera first time coming out with resolution of 174x144 9 frame per second,it is lower video quality and stop production in early of 2008.

2,the second generation spy pen camera is 352x288 resolution,15 frame per second,this is better verison pen camera with quite good quality,has AVI and 3GP video format with different solution(Anka and Sunplus),the Sunplus solution 3GP pen camera with good performance then AVI.

3,the third generation pen camera comes with 640x480,30 frame per second,so many company making this version pen camera till now, but the quality is different,some pen cameras even can not use for one month will got problem,the video quality also different because the camera lens quality problem, selects 3 model for our customers,those pen cameras are tested with good video quality and cheap price,come with a 12 month warranty.

4,the fouth generation pen camera could be new technology with resolution of 1280x1024,it will comming up soon,we have sell two model 1280x960 version pen camera is upgrade version of 640x480 with better resolution to records clear videos.

The pen cmaera could be support voice activated function to recording video automatically if the voice rate over 45DB,support motion detection to start relcording when some object moving at front of the spy pen camera.

New technology makes our life easily,a small size boll pen camera covert with a spy camera inside to recrods video and still photo is easy thing in now days,you can records video covertly with the spy pen camera,do surveillance job without extra tool and alone,the motion detection pen camera could be a security camera put in any where to recording if some thing happen when you are going out,you can put it in your bed room,live room,office,warehouse and ect. support extra battery allow it conitune works for security propose.

Wholesale Pen Cameras with 2gb spy pen,4gb spy pen camcorder,spy pen 4gb and 8gb pen camera,with resolution of 640x480,720x480,1280x720 and 1280x720,with cheap spy pen camera with voice records.

The new generation covert video camera/DVR built into a working pen will also take still photos so you get the best of both worlds. It used to be merely a dream to have a working pen video camera and DVR and a still camera built into a working pen DVR.However, amazing break-though nano technology for 2008 has now made that dream a reality! This amazing devise is a high grade working pen that conceals a video camera and camcorder/DVR built right into it's top! Not ony that, this new generation for 2009 will also take still photos so it's also a digital pen camera!


Can a pen camera or alike detect motion and record?
Recording method for pen cameras are manual & continuous, except for our new WO-PENDVR10, WO-PENDVR15 which can detect motion and record. Also we do carry other mini cameras that can detect motion

Can a pen camera or alike focus automatically?
Pen cameras or alike, are equipped with fixed focus lens. It has focusing range of 1 ft to infinity. However since there are no macro focus control, as the object gets closer to the pen camera from 1 ft, the video will become more blurry.

Can a pen camera or alike, record while charging or plugged in to a power adapter?
Most pen cameras only records using its built-in battery (1.2 hours) or external auxiliary battery (12 hours or more, only on certain model: WO-PENDVR10) However we do carry other mini cameras that can record with a plug-in power

Can the pen camera or alike work in a very low light?
No, all these types of cameras have to use CMOS chip that works with less battery power consumption. The draw back is light sensitivity. [e.g.: (Restaurant: Yes), (Bar: Maybe), (Movie theater: No)] However, so far, best pen camera at low light camera is WO-PENDVR10 which can also detect motion and record.

Do you have a pen camera that the time stamp can be turned off?
Only WO-PENDVR10 has ON/OFF option for time stamp.

Does a pen camera work with a mac?
Yes, pen cameras such as WO-PENDVR10 will work with a mac and will recognize as a removable drive.

Does the pen actually write?
Yes. It is fully functional writing black ink pen.

How can I reset the camera when it freeze?
If the camera freeze or malfunction, you will need to reset the camera. There are 2 holes on the back of the camera. One on the top is the light indicator and the other at the bottom is where the reset button is located. You will need to insert a small paper clip to press the button while the camera is ?ON?. If the camera will not turn on at all, reset the camera when the camera is plugged in to a PC.
Please insert the clip straight in and slowly so it does not damage any other component.

How can I view the recording from a pen camera or alike?
When you plug in the pen camera to the USB port on your PC, it'll be recognized it as an external memory device. Find the video file and play back with a media player. You can also copy, move or delete the file. We recommend using GOM Player or VLC Player for playback.

How do you adjust the time for a pen camera or alike?
You can set the time and date have it show on the playback.
Here is an example for one of our pen camera (WO-PENDVR10):
1. Open ?notepad? or ?wordpad? program. Write numbers that represent the time and date. You must use all 14 digits & use military time format.
Example: 20080929100828 would be:
2008(year) 09(month) 29(day) 10(hour) 08(minute) 28(second)
2. Save the txt file as: time (extension: txt)
3. Plug the Pen camera to your PC, Copy the "time.txt" file to the root folder of the pen camera.
4. Remove the pen camera from your computer, turn the power off, then turn the power back on, the time is now set. (if you are successful, the time.txt file will disappear)

How do you clear up the memory in a pen (or like) camera?
Please connect the pen camera to your PC. Your PC will recognize as an external memory device. Right click on the drive then click on 'property' to see how much memory you have used. If most of the memory is used up, you will need to erase some video files to clear up the memory, otherwise, the camera will shut down after few seconds.
How do you find the drive for the pen camera or alike, once connected to the PC?
When you connect the pen camera to your PC, the pen camera will be recognized as a removable storage device. If the camera is not detected automatically, please use "Windows Explorer" (window key + "E") to find the drive.

How long does the battery last on a pen camera or alike?
Depending on the model, a pen camera will last 40min ~ 1.3 hours on a full charge. You can also use the auxiliary battery holder to make it last more than 12 hours (compatible only with certain model: WO-PENDVR10).

if i run the camera until the internal battery becomes deplete, will the video still be there?
Yes, the camera will save right before it shuts down.

Is internal rechargeable battery for the pen camera replaceable?
Internal battery is replaceable but you have to send it in for us to change. However you can recharge the battery over 1000 times.

Is your Pen Camera different than others?
Yes, they all look the same since the pen housing is bought from a housing manufacturer, but what each companies put inside is different.

Would the flashing recording light indicator be seen by others?
When you wear the pen camera on your shirt, the recessed blinking light will face towards you so others can not see it. In low light, the light might reflect off your shirt so cover it with a small piece of, for example, electrical tape.

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