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Incidents can happen at any time, any place, when you least expect it. Record the evidence to protect yourself with this Car Camera and Recorder "all-in-one". Insurance agencies, law enforcement, and sometimes law firms use what you say about the accident to assess fault that could affect where it hurts the most - in your pocket! Everything happens so quickly and suddenly, leaving you too shocked and emotionally affected to clearly remember or describe everything that occurred following an accident. That is where the CarCam Voyager comes into play.

One touch record button allows you to use the Car Camera the instant you enter your car. Record the visual conditions of the road, weather, and traffic directly from your dashboard with over 8 hours of constant video on a removable 2 gig SD card or upgrade to the 8 gig SD card for more memory with higher resolution. Supply objective and hard evidence to insurance companies, law enforcement, or anyone else if needed. Provide the hard evidence that will make the difference.

Infrared thermal cameras are suitable for use as car cameras, truck cameras or on any heavy vehicle operating in areas prone to fog, snow or poor visibility. They increase safety, visibility and help detect hazards not visible to the naked eye. Read more about infrared thermal cameras.
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