CPE710 5.8G Wireless Bridge 100Mbps Point to Point 5.8G Outdoor Access Point

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Dialing wireless outdoor bridge
5.8G 300Mbps point to point
Network speed is 100Mbps
a receiver and a transmitter
Pre-configured/complete the pairing
3KM Transmission distance
Low Interference & Outdoor Waterproof
Perfect for warehouses or garages next to your house.

CPE71C dialing wireless outdoor bridge is outdoor high power and high-performance 5.8G 300Mbps point to point CPE. The transmission speed between 2 wirelss WiFi bridges max is 300Mbps. The highest network speed that can be achieved max is 100Mbps. To achieve the CPE function, one needs to act as a receiver and the other one as a transmitter.

Ethernet WiFi bridge pairing can be done by dialing without having to access the GUI, avoid the complex setup program, save much human work and cost, make the long-range wireless coverage, data transmit and wireless monitoring simple and professional. 2-pack CPE has been pre-configured/complete the pairing, you do not need to pair again, if you need to change the parameters, you can dial to pair.

3KM Transmission distance: 3 km (visible unobstructed environment), actual application distance should be less than 3KM. Built-in 14DBi directional antenna can significantly improve the transmission and reception performance of wireless signals. Trees will not block the transmission speed of the point to point internet wireless bridge, suitable for warehouses or garages next to your house.

Low Interference & Outdoor Waterproof: 5G frequency makes long range wireless bridge has better anti-interference performance, good compatibility, and strong anti-adjacent channel interference, better than 2.4 G traditional CPE; It can automatically adjust to the optimal transmission speed according to the actual signal strength and transmission distance. CPE71C network bridge is very suitable for outdoor use, with rain, dust, and antifreeze characteristics.

Access CPE via PC: Point to point bridge is manageable through the WEB browser interface. Before accessing, please modify the IP address of the computer to the same network segment as the CPE (192.168.211.XXX), which is very important; then enter the IP address of the CPE in the browser, and enter the account password “admin/admin” to access and set. If you can’t set it up, please let us know.


Applications Case 1:

My son and I were trying to figure out a solution for his garage. We have a lot of high-tech gear out there, and it relies on the internet.

We have tried standard Wi-Fi repeaters and mesh systems. They just don’t have the range we need. We even tried a string of Wi-Fi range extenders connected to each other, with a cable between. Both just didn’t work. Not reliably, not at all. The distance was just too great. It’s nearly a mile from the house and that is just too far.

CPE71C wireless bridge wiring it up was pretty straightforward. We connected the one unit on the gateway in the house, we mounted it on the porch. We then set up the garage unit to the eve, facing the housing unit. We were lucky with a nice line of sight where we wanted to set up. In the garage, we connected it to the WAN port on a Wi-Fi router and we are in business. The speed is phenomenal. It is as fast as I. The house, not really any more noticeable lag either. Our phones now connect to Wi-Fi. The diagnostic systems are all connected to Wi-Fi. The smart TV is live. And the laptops are all running. We can stream, and even play some games. I can even stream movies from our DLNA server up at the house.

This has solved a major headache for us. I assure you, our cell carrier is sad about it now that we aren’t going over our data anymore.

Applications Case 2:

We have a second building that is about 150′ from our main building and needed stable internet for both employees and security systems. I tried reaching it with our mesh routers, but even placing one on an outside wall wouldn’t supply a stable signal. We could have installed a second modem/router but that would add hundreds to our initial install and monthly costs. Installing this bridge has offered a stable signal and wiring it into a mesh system, it has allowed us to expand our net throughout the second building.

Access Wireless Bridge Via Computer
Wireless Bridge
A. Modify your computer’s IP address.

Make your computer’s IP and the bridge’s IP address be on the same network segment(LAN) so that you can access them.

Step 1: Find and open “Open Network and Sharing Center” on your computer. Tips: click the network icon in the lower right corner of the computer.

Step 2:Find and open the “Change adapter settings”, select “Local Area Connection” to right-click to open the network properties. Refer to the picture above to open.

Step 3: Find and double-click open the “Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)”, choose the ” Use the following IP address” and enter IP address, subnet mask, Default gateway, Preferred DDS server.

B.Connect the CPE to the computer via Ethernet cable and PoE adapter.

Before accessing CPE, please make sure that you have set the computer IP address and the network segment of the wireless bridge IP to be the same.

C. To configure the wireless bridge, open a web browser. In the address bar of the web browser, enter the CPE IP address (such as A login screen will appear, the password of the wireless bridge is “admin”, just entry password login.


Point to Point Extend Network WiFi Range
Extend the network in the house to your barn, garage, church, warehouse, even neighbor’s house through wireless bridge signal transmission. No need to install a new modem and pay for it every month, saving you money.

Wireless Bridge
Point to Point Extend Video Surveillance Range
Help you expand the surveillance range, install surveillance cameras outside the yard without the need to lay network cables and cables.

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