Necklace style Digital Audio Voice Recorder with USB Flash Driver and MP3 Player with 8GB memory

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Necklace Style Digital Voice Recorder: small size to wear on neck, particularly use for recording on school classes, lectures and business meetings etc.

Simple Operation: Just one switch to operates, extremely easy to use, move the switch to ON position to start voice recording, it will continue voice recording and every 60 minutes saves in a file, move it to OFF position, the system will stop and save file then power off

Noise Reduction Technology: Built-in AGC noise reduction technology automatically gains module adjusts the focal length of the sound source, integrating digital signal processing(DSP) technology to remove erroneous noise amplify the target sounds

Long Time Recording: Built in 130mah rechargeable lithium battery, support over 18 hours continue voice recording, and 5 hours playback times, which need to connect to the USB earphone(provided), works as a MP3 player to play WAV and MP3 format music songs.

Multiple Application: The mini audio recorder suits for students,doctors,patients,musicians,writers,teachers,podcasts, also can be used to record on lecture,class,voice memo,interviews etc.

USB Flash Driver: The device equipped with USB 2.0 port and 8GB internal memory,the recorded files are saved in the memory, you also can copy your own data files into the device, use as mini USB disk to storage the important files and carry it anywhere.

Compatible with Mac and PC: Simple plug and play feature for file transfer, no installation needed on your computer. And with 8GB capacity memory card, you can store a lot of recording files easily. Compatible with Mac and PC and forget about old clunky software folks, this digital audio recorder can easily transfer files to Mac or PC.(Note: Mac users need VLC Media Player, which is a free download)

Necklace shape design voice recorder with 8GB memory,can be change your own necklace chain
Support U disk function,which you can save files and edit it on computer
Support play back function with USB earphone(as accessories in package)
Auto change playback and record mode,just plug in the USB earphone will goto playback mode,plug it out will goto record mode
Press key+ to increase volume and press key- to decrease volume,press key+ and key- for 5 seconds goto next or previous music
Support play any .mp3 and .wav music file which need copy to "Record" folder,otherwise the system will not read the music files
Built in rechargeable Li-ion battery support 15 hours voice recording after full charged, music play time is 8 hours

Memory: 8GB (Note: Please select FAT32 system when formatting the recorder)
Dimension: 58mm x 36mm x 11mm
Battery Recording time: About 18 hours
Recording Formats: WAV
Battery: Li-ion battery 130mah
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/Win 7/8/Lunix OS/MAC OS
Recording Bitrate: 128K bps
USB Port: USB 2.0
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
Max Audio Output Power: 5mW
Working Temperature: 0 - 40鈩?br> Color: Gray

How to Use?
Please move the switch to ON position, the blue LED light flashes 6 times and turns off, system starts voice recording and every 60 minutes saves in a file until the battery is low, move the switch to OFF position, the red & blue LED light flash 6 times and turn off, the system will stop and save file then power off.
Note: system will auto save the recorded files and power off when detects battery is low, you need to charge the battery before next use, if the system does not respond, you need to move the switch to OFF and wait for 30 seconds then try again.

Package Included
1 x Voice Recorder
1 x USB Earphone
1 x USB Cable
1 x User manual
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