Hidden Spy Camera Detector, Personal Alarm, Pinhole Camera Lens Scanner, Hotel Office Door & Luggage Alert Tool, Find Mini Hidden WiFi Cam in Room, Scan RF Signal Bugs and GSM Listening Device, Pen Style

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Hidden Camera Detector, Personal Alarm, Pinhole Camera Lens Scanner, Hotel Office Door & Luggage Alert Tool aLL in one

  • Door Alarm & Luggage Movement Alert: Hang the device on the handle of the door inside of the hotel or office, the device will alarm when the door is opened, attach the device on the luggage & bag, the device will alarm when somebody moves your luggage.
  • RF Wireless Detection for Privacy Safety: RF wireless signal detector can respond to frequency range between 500MHz - 2700MHz by sound siren which makes it capable of finding wireless camera, IP Camera, GPS tracker (will find out GPS tracker only when it is transmitting data), GSM bug, wiretaps, mobile phone tapping, and other bug transmitters. Features its digital sensitivity controller and memorize function, you can adjust the sensitivity level easily.
  • Infrared Camera Lens Viewfinder: This wire camera finder has infrared viewfinder and 4 red LED lights. you can press "OK" button to adjust flash speed of red led lights or make them stay at solid red light, then you can view reflected red spot through infrared viewfinder lens to find out a camera without WiFi. It is the best choice for you to protect your privacy leakage from camera in hotel, office, bathrooms, locker room, or conference meeting rooms.
  • Personal Security & Safety Emergency Alarm - Features 130dB loud sound and vibrating, personal self-defense alarm allows women, seniors, children & traveler to push switch upside easily to make a sound siren to attract other people's attention so that they can get help in time or scare offender away. Also, the safety alarm can be attached on door and set it at jitter alarm mode. When the thief or bad people open the door, it will make a sound to alert.
  • Luggage & Property Protection for Travel & Business Trip - Hang this alarm siren on luggage or put it in bag, when someone tries to move and steal your luggage or your property, it will make a 130dB loud sound and vibrate to make you aware. So that you can get your luggage back in time.

G718 RF Detector & Personal Alarm Function

G718 Wireless DetectorG718 Wireless Detector Operation Guide Operation Guide


adjust sensitivity
How to adjust sensitivity for better searching

Press previous button to decrease the sensitivity,there is a sound remind on each click,press the button three times to decrease a level of the sensitivity, the corresponding level LED light turn off.

Press next button to increase the sensitivity,there is a sound remind on each click,press the button three time to increase a level of the sensitivity, the corresponding level LED light turn on.

  • We suggest set the sensitivity to level 5, simply adjust the button to let the LED light 1 to 5 all are turn on, you can try other level of the sensitivity as well.
  • The network station distance will influence the signal strength, when close to the network station need choice low sensitivity.

Find out wired camera lens or inactive WiFi cam with infrared lens watching window

Infrared lens window with LED light

Push the switch to alarm mode,then press "ok" button to stop alarm and press again to turn on or flashing the LED lights, you can adjust the flashing rate. hold the infrared lens window to close to your eye to start scanning.

Infrared LED detection technology

Each camera has a optics lens, when the red LED light irradiates to the lens, it will reflection a red color highlight piont, we can watching it through the infrared lens filter of the watching window

The small hidden camera can be built into any common household device like a light bulb,a small screw,a water bottle,an alarm clock,a picture frame,a USB charger and etc.

This device can protect you not be spied when you at an AirBnB or Hotel.

Find out the mini hidden camera in room

You may by spied by the WiFi or cellular communication micro hidden camera.

You may not be aware of tiny camera is all around and your privacy is not assured. Scanning and sweeping for cameras and bugs is a must in our society. Do not become a victim exploited.

Say NO to secret video recording

Small camera may be installed in hotel,AirBnB,dressing room,tanning beds and public toilets and you are unable to find them out with your naked eyes.You can grab this camera detector with you to detect and search for unwanted camera.It wil alllow you to quickly identify and locate any concealed camera.This portable detector equipment keeps you free from unauthorized video recording device.


Hotel door open alarm, lugagge movment alarm, personal alarm

Multi Function Personal Security Alarm

This device also an alarm, one key to start alarm, you also can use it for monitor your lugagge when you stay at a public place, acttch it on door handle, when somebody open the door, the device will produce sound & light alarm for warnings and reminders.

This personal alarm is a security necessity for traveling, hiking, camping, hunting, walking the dog as well as other outdoor activities, portable design and a neck strap can easily attach to schoolbags, lady's bags, belt loops, pants, backpack, and car keys

Designed for people of all ages, such as students, kids, walkers, joggers, the elderly, night owls, lone workers


  • Effectively scare attackers in danger
  • Seek people around for help

Personal Security Alarm for People of All Ages and Genders

Emergency Alarm for Elderly

The emergency personal alarm is an excellent tool for the elderly person when they need help in danger.It is easy for the elderly to switch to alarm.It will make a lound sound to get their relatives' attention.

Anti Pickpocket Siren

Set this device in jitter alarm mode and attach it to your schoolbag or put it in your purse.When someone try to steal your money,it will make a sound to grab your attention.

Personal Alarm for Kids

Kids may involve in robbery, campus bullying, domestic violence, and the danger of being tracked by strangers, to deal with those issues, a personal super-loud siren alarm is necessary

Safety Alarm for Women

Be it on an unfrequented street,in a dark car park or near home, the alarm will always be on guard. If you feel threatened, carry the alarm along with you,then push the switch to make sound siren to scare attacker away or attract other people's attention


Get Familiar with Device and Quick Access Function You Need When in Danger

Lightweight Portable Pen Design

It only weighs 50g which is very light to carry on and you even can not feel its existance. Putting it in your pocket or bag is very convenient.

Multiple Function Switch

One switch button for you to quickly access certain function for special purpose.Move it up to start alarm function and work with other button to use other function.Move it down to start RF Signal detection.

Type C Charge

Adopts newest charge interface - type c which is used on most cellphones nowadays. You can charge it with any type c usb cable.

Torch Light for Emergency

With a built-in torch LED,this device is suitable for outdoor emergency lighting, find the keyhole when you go home in dark, emergency lighting at night, the range of lighting is 16 feet


Frequency Range

300MHZ - 2700MHz

RF Detect Dynamic Range

> 73db

RF Detection Sensitivity


Wireless Camera

15 square meters(transmitter:10mw)


10 square feet

Alarm Sound


Vibrating Sensitivity


Torch Light Range

Focus 5 - 10 feet

Scan Camera Lens Distance

5 - 20 feet in room


3.7V 280mAh

Working Current


Working Time

3 - 5 hours



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