RF Detector,Upgraded Wireless Detector Detect RF Radio Frequency GPS Tracker and GSM Audio Bug with Three High Gain Antennas

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RF Detector: Detect Hidden WiFi cameras, cell phone bugs, wireless listening device and GPS tracker, built in high sensitive digital micro controller to control the RF signal sensitivity in 10 levels, simply rotate the knob to adjust it.

Advanced RF Detection Equipment: Portable wide range wireless detector for GSM CDMA 2G 3G 4G 5G and WiFi Signals, it can detect hidden WiFi camera, cellphone listening bug, GSM GPS tracker and wireless audio eavesdropping.

High Sensitivity: rotate the knob to right to power on the device, the first to the tenth LED lights to display the signal intensity, when the first to tenth LED lights flash, it means the device reaches maximum sensitivity

Sensitive Knob: Super high sensitivity adjustable knob, you can rotate the knob to adjust the sensitive from the first to the tenth LED light on, you can set the third or fourth LED light on, when the device is close to the object, the system will sound alarm rapidly and all LED lights flash.

Long Working Time: Built in low power consumption microchip, and 1000mah Lithium battery allow the device work continuously for 15 hours, the recharge function allows you to charge it quickly when the battery is low.

Three Antennas Design: three bands(GSM RF 5.8GHZ) makes the device receive signals more sensitive, performance enhancement, high gain antennas, combined with professional wireless waves, receive signals faster, anti interference is stronger, and unlocking azimuth distance detection is more accurate

Effectively Protect Your Privacy: Professionally and accurately detects the position of hidden WiFi cameras, audio bugs and GPS tracking devices within a few minutes through the RF detection. It can effectively prevent eavesdropping, candid photos and personal privacy leaks. Please noted that do not use it in the place with lots of people and noise.

Compact and Portable: Compact and light weighted. You can take it anywhere you want. A necessity for your travel and staying in hotel. Easy to use, with audible buzzer alarm and vibration alarm, the closer the detector to the transmitting bug device, the louder and faster the alarm becomes. Continuously adjust the detection sensitivity from high to low will shorten the detection range in order to pinpoint the bug device.

Widely Use: Check broad scenarios, like hotel, bathroom, dressing room, government organs, business negotiation, school invigilation, places of entertainment, workshop, military industrial facilities, etc. Wherever and whenever you don't trust surroundings, the detector can help you feel secure. It's a heart-warming gift for business people, politicians, girlfriends, lovers, college students, children and girls.

Why need RF Detector?
Are you worried about the hidden damage from radiation?
Do you feel distrust of the surrounding environment?
Are You Being Electronically Spied on Without Your Knowledge?
Are you worried that your car, home or office is Bugged with GPS Tracking?
Want to fully protect the security of the business secret information?
With so many ordinary-looking products hiding lenses or microphones available to anyone.
These hidden devices are small, and can operate for months without you knowing they are on, transmitting your sensitive data.
You can never be sure that an AC adapter or a smoke detector is what it seems.
With Professional RF Detector, you’ll easily detect any bugs in seconds, protection for yourself from unimaginable damage of prying eyes and ears.

1.Whether car or office is installed with wireless bug or GPS tracker.
2.Whether your cellphone was eavesdropped or abnormal (send the signal without reasons when in standby mode).
3.Whether there is the radiation from the roof base station on your working environment, and residential buildings.
4.Whether drone cameras are focusing on you from the window.
5.Detecting wireless, cell phone base station signal, wireless surveillance system
6.Whether there is hazardous electromagnetic radiation caused by revealing of microwave oven
7.Whether there is suspicious wireless signal
8.Detecting hidden camera & bugs in restroom, hotel, entertainment venues, changing rooms and governments

The hidden camera detector with three antennas is much more performance enhancement, the rf scanner is design for personal privacy protect, to help you to locate the hidden WiFi mini camera, cellphone bugs, GPS tracker and wireless audio eavesdropping device, identify the suspicious surroundings, small size can be put in bag to carry anywhere, such as travel, check into the hotel, office, etc.

Receive Frequency Range: 300MHz - 2700MHz, 5810MHz-5890MHz
Detect Dynamic Range: Greater than 73DB
Detection Sensitivity: Lower than 0.03mw
Alarm: Sound alarm with LED flashes
Sound Alarm Method: As close to the object the alarm sound will rapidly
LED Indication Mode: 10 level LED lighting indication
Battery: 1000mah 3.7V Lithium battery
Power Supply: DC 5V 1000mah
Material: Aluminum alloy
Working Current: 30mA
Working Time: 12 - 15 hours
Antenna: Three antennas, RF: 300 - 700Mhz / GSM:700 - 2700Mhz / 5.8: 5810MHz-5890MHz
Product Dimension: Approx.5*2*18.7cm / 1.96*0.78*7.36 inches
Weight: 280g / 9.87oz

How to Use?
Please rotate the knob to right to power on the device, and turn the third LED light on, close the detector to your cellphone, if the detector LED light flashes, you can handle the detector close to object area to inspect, if the detector LED light dose not flash, you can rotate the knob to turn the fourth or fifth LED light on, increase the sensitivity, then you can get the best performance, please do not turn the tenth LED light on, it will reach the maximum sensitivity, the device will alarm immediately.

Package Included
1 x RF Detector
3 x Antennas
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
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